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About Evolutionary Astrology

With Evolutionary Astrology, we look at the birth chart as a blueprint of the gifts and challenges you came into this lifetime to work with in order to evolve into a more enlightened self; or put another way, to find happiness within a complicated existence. Each sign represents an identity and gives insight into  how our minds operate. Individual houses represent the particular areas of life we are working with; intimate relationships or financial circumstances, for example. The planets each represent an area of our psychological framework, such as emotion, intellect and ego.   As time moves forward from your moment of birth the movement of the planets make connections with patterns in your birth chart and highlight those areas of awareness.

Evolutionary astrology differs from predictive astrology in that the evolutionary astrologer puts you in the driver's seat. Yes, things may happen to you but you can decide how you want to work through those things. Your response is not predetermined. Understanding astrology won't help us avoid difficult times in our lives but with an insightful, experienced astrologer we can learn to navigate the difficult times more successfully. We can step through our challenges with a bit more grace as we understand ourselves on an ever deepening level.

Below you'll find a list of signs, houses and planets with a brief description of their functions and possibilities.

Aries   March 21 - April 19 

Ruler Mars: Assertion; how we get what we want.

Taurus   April 20 - May 20 

Ruler Venus: Values; what we attract, desire.

Gemini   May 21 - June 20 

Ruler Mercury: Mental process; reasoning, expression.

Cancer   June 21 - July 22 

Ruler Moon: Nurturing matrix; emotions, connectedness.

Leo   July 23 - August 22 

Ruler Sun: Creative life force; self-mastery, individuality.

Virgo   August 23 - September 22 

Ruler Mercury: Mental process, reasoning, perspective.

Libra   September 23 - October 22 

Ruler Venus: Attachment, values, what we attract

Scorpio   October 23 - November 21 

Ruler Mars/Pluto: Transformation, obsessions, power.

Sagittarius   November 22 - December 21 

Ruler Jupiter: Expansion, growth, belief, judgment.

Capricorn   December 22 - January 19 

Ruler Saturn: Form/structure; responsibility, discipline.

Aquarius   January 20 - February 18 

Ruler Saturn/Uranus: Breaking free, humanitarianism.

Pisces   February 19 - March 20 

Ruler Jupiter/Neptune: Transcendence, imagination.

Cardinal/Fire  Independent, assertive, pioneering, self-starter, confident, impulsive, aggressive, crude, sharp, combative.

Fixed/Earth Needs security, grounded, practical, thrifty, solid, sensuous, rigid, materialistic, stubborn, insecure, self-indulgent.

Mutable/Air Flexible, intellectual, verbal, logical, witty, curious, impatient, inconsistent, gossipy, questioning.

Cardinal/Water  Protective, nurturing, sentimental, empathetic, maternal, touchy, nagging, controlling, guarded.

Fixed/Fire Creative, loyal, generous, dramatic, artistic, humorous, affectionate, dominating, selfish, egotistical, vain.

Mutable/Earth  Organized thinking, meticulous, analytical, discerning, conservative, critical, perfectionist, hypochondriac, fussy

Cardinal/Air  Harmonious, agreeing, democratic, charming, supportive, lazy, status-seeking, manipulative, aloof

Fixed/Water Penetrating, insightful, deep, intense, psychic, powerful, cruel, severe, revengeful, sexual, jealous, vindictive.

Mutable/Fire Inspiring, idealistic, religious, adventurous, knowledgeable, prophetic, fanatical, loud-mouth, impartial.

Cardinal/Earth Responsible, hard-working, goal-oriented, serious, honorable, demanding, authoritarian, rigid.

Fixed/Air Unique, inventive, original, visionary, non-conforming, rebellious, aloof, stubborn, impartial.

Mutable/Water Visionary, idealistic, spiritual, merging, escapist, depressed, withdrawn, addicted, artistic.

Houses of the Zodiac

1st house - (Ascendant) Personality, appearance, outlook on life, vitality.

2nd house - Values, money, possessions, feelings of self-worth, earning power.

3rd house - Mentality, communication, siblings, elementary school experience, neighbors, community.

4th house - (IC) Home & environment, mother (I am) (I have), family, inner security, early childhood.

5th house - Pleasures, creativity, romance, children, hobbies.

6th house - Occupation, service to others, work, daily routine, health concerns, small animals.

7th house - (Descendant) Relationships, marriage, open enemies, commitment, contracts, legal obligations, business partners. 

8th house - Sex, sexual intimacy, major lifestyle changes, taxes, other people's money, death, inheritance.

9th house - Philosophy, religion, beliefs, dreams, long journeys, continued education, large animals, judicial system in general.

10th house - (MC) Public reputation, honor, profession, authorities, father, politics, the boss, social status.

11th house - Friendships, acquaintances, personal hopes & wishes, long term goals, organizations, where dreams come true.

12th house - Confinement, secrets, hidden enemies, mysticism, hospitals, prisons, self-undoing, self-sacrifice.

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