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Natal Horoscope - 60 Minutes - $95.00

For your first visit with astrology we'll examine the moment you were born through your birth chart. This chart will give us insight into the strengths and challenges you brought to this life experience. 

Natal Horoscope plus Solar Return Yearly Forecast - 90 Minutes - $125.00

This session explores the same information discussed in the Natal Horoscope but with the added look at the likely life experiences you'll be working with in the year ahead.

Relationship Horoscope "Synastry" - 60 Minutes - $95.00

"Best if both partners are present." This is a look at where the birth charts of two people show compatibility as well as challenges that the couple may experience and how best to work with these.

Solar Return Chart - 60 Minutes - $95.00

"Where is your soul leading you this year?" This session explores what the year ahead may bring for you to work with. This runs from birthday to birthday.

Solar Return w/Transits - 90 Minutes - $125.00 

This session looks at the information found in the Solar Return chart and adds which transiting planets are affecting our natal planets. These transits affect us for longer periods of time.

Ask a question - 30 Minutes - $55.00 

This session is for those who have already had a session with me within the past 6 months. You can schedule this time if you just have a couple of questions that don't require reviewing new charts.

** Your appointment can be scheduled 48 hours after you make your payment for the session. It takes a few hours to pull the charts we need to look at and to study how the planets are influencing you at this time. Your appointment will not be considered a fixed time until your payment is made. 

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